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For every session or class we provide your child with individualized tools for success.  
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Remarkable Service

Through Evidence Based Treatment Techniques

Intensive, Multidisplinary Approach to education, training and development of children with Cerebral Palsy and/or Motor Difficulties. 

We Mazimize Learning

for Success Towards Independence

We teach children to see themselves as active and self reliant participants in their homes and communities.

Building the Foundation for Movement

From the Early Stages of Development 

Through all sessions we are stimulating the senses, early cognition and early movement skills.

Building Life Skills

for Independence and Daily Life

Focusing on higher level problem solving strategies to improve movement (walking, sitting, changing positions), independence, self-confidence and self reliance.

Experience & Expertise

Professional Therapist ready to jump in.

From screening to an individualized plan of care, our team of professionals with over 20 years of experience can help your child reach his/her goals. 

Providing Opportunities for Learning, Integration & Success

Physical Therapy, Multiple Classes, Trainings for Parents and Professionals & Our Little Lending Library. 

For Our Infants


We are taking a WHOLE BODY APPROACH to the treatment and progress of all our infants.

Our approach focuses on finding the root of the problem and working from there to reach the goals. We believe in having the family be part of the entire process. Here we will give you tools for SUCCESS

Casa Care Preparatory

Physical Therapy


For Our Toddlers/Children

beach_walking.jpgWe have gathered a group of classes and interventions where the gross motor skills of your little one will be stimulated addressing the core weaknesses in order to develop strong and confident children. 

Our approach focuses on providing individualized attention and strengthening the child from the inside-out in order to ACHIEVE results through our certifications 

Casa Care Preparatory

Physical Therapy

For Our Pre-Teens/Teens

RSS.jpgWe understand how daily activities, mobility and independence are the most important goals.

Through our approach we help identify the biggest obstacles encountered, helping our Pre-Teens and Teens LEARN, ACHIEVE & SUCCEED.  

Casa Care Preparatory

Physical Therapy


Our programs provide opportunities for the enhancement of physical and cognitive skills". 
—Karen L. Crilly PT, MAPT, DPT



We look forward to our sessions every week! Karen is so friendly and is amazing with our son. He just thinks he's playing and lights up as soon as we walk in. We have seen such an improvement since we started working with Karen.



If you don't teach a child to be independent, you teach him to be dependent." — Dr. Andràs Peto, founder of Conductive Education



Early detection of movement problems is important to receive treatment that maximizes potential. Although treatment is available at any age, the earlier you recognize a problem and seek professional help, the more likely your child can be help"
—Karen L. Crilly PT, MAPT, DPT 



Amazing place, the best therapy and care a child can get is here.



We are here to educate your child on life skills for independence" .
—Karen L. Crilly PT, MAPT, DPT


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